Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Also . . .

For you aspiring authors out there, here's a call for manuscripts and reviewers. I don't know Knox Robinson, but it's always worth exploring, eh?

Hunger Games Trailer

Many thanks to Abbey, Patrina, and Emily for posting! I am a notable slacker, and I do not anticipate that this will change anytime soon.

Here is a link to the Hunger Games movie trailer:

I can already see where the movie is losing some of the book's subtlety and understatedness. These are two elements which make the books remarkable and draw me to (and back to) them. I just keep telling myself, “It’s a movie, it’s different, it has to be . . .” It’s a very effective trailer, I think, but I can already see some small, but significant, changes (and it isn't just freaking out because the actors don't look like the people in my head. Though I'm sure there's that, too). Madeleine L'Engle taught me that "comparisons are odious," but how can you stop yourself with something like this, something you're so deeply invested in? I guess that investment is the problem, which leads to the question, WHY do we (or some of us, at least) get so strongly invested in these literary texts? Do you care about every filmic translation of books you've read? I didn't like what they did to The Lightning Thief, but I was able to respond fairly philosophically--I understood why they aged Percy and why they collapsed certain characters and plot elements into others. So why does a "faithful" interpretation of The Hunger Games mean so much to me? I realize that the particular elements I'm attached to may not be the ones that lend themselves most readily to the screen, or even that others would find important enough to preserve. . . . So, what do y'all think??