Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Library school scholarship AND opportunity for writing

Below is a link to a scholarship for library school, for any of you in school or considering it.

 following request comes from a graduate of the Hollins University MA in Children's Lit program (they also have a certificate in children's book illustration--here are links: and )

Anyhow, if you are interested in a writing project, see the request below:

A few weeks ago, Amanda put out a call for interested volunteers to help with a Peace Corps volunteer project in Ethiopia. I'm happy to say that project is underway. We have more than twenty Hollins volunteer writers who will each be writing an approximately 500-word creative story to be illustrated by Ethiopian artists and published in various regions of Ethiopia to help supplement the English language instruction of children in grades four through eight.

The coordinator in Ethiopia, Amanda Sutker, has asked for Peace Corps volunteers there to help us write these stories by supplying us with knowledge of the regions and the people they've encountered. Thirty people (and an occasional married couple) have expressed an interest in working with us on these stories.

We have enough writers, including several who've volunteered to write two stories, to cover almost all of the Peace Corps volunteers Amanda recruited. But we still need three more writers to make a perfect match between numbers of Hollins volunteers and Peace Corps volunteers.

Would any of you be interested in taking on this project? You'd be shooting for a draft by the end of March and a final story by the end of April. You would keep all rights to your own story, but with the stipulation that you'd allow it to be illustrated and published in Ethiopia for the express purpose of helping students there with learning English. The idea is to get good, creative short stories into the hands of students who have very little exposure to English literature to help them learn the language. Their current materials are very "textbook" in nature - not the ideal way to learn any language.

I'll be happy to match the first three people to respond with the eagerly awaiting Peace Corps volunteers in Africa. From everything I've seen so far, this should be a fulfilling, worthwhile project, and a chance for you to explore some writing outside of what might be your normal range. You'll have the help you need to write a good story that meets the needs of these children.

Thanks for considering it. You can contact me directly with questions or to sign on.

Adeana Lopez